About us here at GOstik…

GOstik Products was started early in 2014 by Wayne & Molly Edmunds along with Grace & Jody Whitmyer. A mutual friend of theirs was griping that his RV didn’t have a flat screen TV mounted on the side like his other friend‘s. Wayne and Jody put their heads together and using industrial strength suction cups, came up with an easy way to do it without putting any holes in his nice, shiny RV. Our buddy was grinning ear-to-ear!

Before you knew it, other friends saw it and wanted one of their own! Wayne and Jody now keep their wives busy in the machine shop drilling holes and grinding metal cuz’ they be married to some tuff girls who can do anything! And yes… Wayne & Jody help!

Continuing to develop useful, convenient, easy to use products!


Proudly Made in USA / Patent Pending

Holds tight like a dog with a bone!