Product Review: GOstick Suction Cup Accessory Mounts

Let me preface this post with something I always tell people…”NEVER lean, place or rest anything against the side of your rig as it could cause potential damage to your rig when you least expect it.” I have seen what leaning a broom handle, bicycle or even the awning hook against the side of a rig can do when the rig moves slightly or settles. It can cause scratching, gouging and even tears in the skin of the RV … damage that is not easily reversed or repaired!

However, we’re always looking for a convenient way to place things we need in places they weren’t designed to be placed. When I saw this product at the 2015 Florida RV SuperShow I was intrigued, and immediately saw its many practical …

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Proudly Made in USA / Patent Pending

Holds tight like a dog with a bone!