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Will mount your flat screen TV on your RV, camper, boat, truck, or use at home! Holds up to a 40” flat screen TV or max 30 pounds!
Fastens securely using industrial suction cup that has a built in pump with vacuum loss indicator for greater holding!


  1. Hardy

    Fits nicely with our 19′ and when done stows away with the TV! Worth the money, TV can be put anywhere in the shade!!

  2. Collin Kelash

    NICE! Just picked it up. This will make the weekends in the woods so much easier!

  3. Monica Oswald (verified owner)

    Just got the SUCTION CUP MOUNT FOR FLAT SCREEN TV and it works great! We are using a 40″ flat screen TV (weighs about 16lbs) No problems with suction. Worked on the first try. We did follow instructions and let it sit for 10 min to make sure suction was set. It is a little scary letting go of the TV for the first time. We can’t wait to use it camping this weekend!!

  4. Bruce S (verified owner)

    This is a great product which I couldn’t do without. I realize the description states it is to be used with a maximum 40″ TV with 30 pounds max weight, but I use it for my 48″ Samsung TV which weighs just under 20 pounds. This suction cup has never let loose and has held steady to the side of my RV for weeks at a time. At first I was a little afraid and kept a close eye on it, but now all I do is look behind the TV every once in a while to make sure it is still holding maximum suction. Right now, it has been holding my TV to the RV for four days and I have not had to adjust the suction once. This is usually the case for periods of more than a week, also.

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